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There are many diversified industries in the segment we operate. Every industry has a unique need, a unique challenge. This coupled with the fact that every individual may have his/ her unique social problems in addition to the business issues. Traditional banking and credit products, policies & processes are unable to deal with the challenges of

  • Many borrowers don’t even have bank accounts
  • Many businesses like agriculture are seasonal in nature
  • No credit history, as most of our customers avail mainstream loan for the first time
  • Profitability and Cash flow analysis
  • Collaterals offered have flaws and legal issues involved
  • Properties in Rural areas

With our experience and continuous innovation, we have developed deeper insights into the numerous businesses/social segments that we cater to. We know what makes them untouchable by mainstream bankers and what the ground realities are. We identify the gaps and bridge them by creating value through experience, innovation, feedback and engaging all stakeholders address the issues.

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