Mission, Policy and Values


In a country of 1 billion, providing timely credit is a mammoth task. With increasing financial reforms, demand for organized credit is increasing at a pace like never before. We have strong experience and understand the peculiarities of MSEs.

Our mission is to empower MSEs through bringing them into mainstream financial practices. We aim to be a preferred choice of credit for our customers in all the geographies we operate, always admired for high level of customer service and respected for our ethics, values & corporate governance.


  • Fair and Tansparent: We keep very fair interest rates and are transparent in all our dealings with customers. We explain all our policies in local language to the borrowers and ensure they understand all terms and conditions.

  • Superfast approvals: We understand our customers come from unorganized industries and timely availability of credit is of critical importance to them.

  • Minimal documents: We ask for only the necessary documents. We ourselves shy away from unnecessary formalities and hierarchy which are plaguing the traditional banking.

  • We are cashless and don’t release funds until customer opens a bank account and deals with us through his/her bank. Easy payment of installment by the customer through various modes such as ECS, NEFT, Cheque and other banking channels.


  • Social upliftment: “लोन ही नहीं, साथ भी देते हैं हम”, meaning our hand is not just for funding the customer, but also to handhold and lift them up higher. Ultimate usage of our funds should be for wealth creation and to bring positive change in the customer’s life. By the time loan is repaid, customer should be a more prosperous person than he was when he came to us for funding.
  • Nimble and Young: We are not just a commercial organization but a large family working towards common professional goal. We have to remain Nimble and Young in our process with no hierarchical roadblocks involved at any stage.
  • Continuous Innovation: Incorporating customer feedback, learning from experience and launching of new products to serve customers’ evolving needs.
  • Responsibility towards shareholders and investors: we respect the fact that our investors have entrusted us with their capital. We communicate our vision, business conditions and financial position in a precise, timely and clear-cut fashion, with an intention to make the most of the feedback from our shareholders and investors to improve Company management and thereby achieve sustained enhancement of our corporate value
  • Mutual respect for ideas: Our organization has a positive mindset. By conducting every interaction with respect and consideration, we create an environment where there is no hesitation in proposing new ideas; work on feedback from any stakeholder segment.
  • Nurture the best talent: We maintain an environment, which encourages innovation and ownership. Every member here is an entrepreneur. We believe that this will enable us to attract, retain & nurture the best talent & develop the business and thought leaders of tomorrow
  • Easily accessible & approachable: We don’t add customer but a member to our extended family.
  • Customer centric: All our policies revolve around customer. We always ask is this what our customer seeks, will this help them in any way. If yes, only then we go ahead.
  • No “I” only “WE”: We are a family, we celebrate together, and we accept any shortcoming as a group and work upon it. As a company policy, usage of word “I” is strictly prohibited in all interactions.
  • No compromise on our mission and policies.
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