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Even after 25 years of Economic reforms in India, MSE sector, hero of the emerging India still remains unserved by banking channels. A recent study shows, 75% of their total credit demand is either met through informal sources including high interest charging local money lenders or remains unmet.

Nidhi lakshmi Finance pvt ltd (NLFPL) commenced its operations after getting NBFC licence from RBI in 2017 with a sole focus to serve MSEs, whose credit demand is too small for banks and too large for MFIs. Our team has worked very closely with MSEs and understands their unique product requirements, which is not available in traditional banking. Timely availability of funds will empower enterprises, enrich lives, transform communities, and breed prosperity, resulting in more entrepreneurs, which we are here to serve. Our policy is “लोन ही नहीं, साथ भी देते हैं हम”, meaning our hand is not just for funding you, but to handhold and lift you up higher.

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Phooli Devi
Milk Supplier


Restaurant Owner


Supplier of Dried Whole Milk


Ram Kishor
Craft Production


  • I am a small contractor and needed funding for my working capital requirements. I took a small construction contract and needed Rs 1 lakhs to start. I contacted NLFPL and immediately got a loan help of Rs 1 Lakhs at very fair interest rates.

    Banwari Lal Saini
    Banwari Lal Saini Contractor
  • I was looking to expand my business. My unit is in village and no banker or NBFC was ready to spend time with us and understand our business. NLFPL team visited our unit, spent time with us, appraised my accounts and next day invited me to their office and loan was disbursed.

    Shyam Lal Sharma
    Shyam Lal Sharma Business Man
  • I was running under high interest loan, which I had taken for my shop. NLFPL team sanctioned me a very low interest loan with which I repaid the high interest loan taken from local money lender.  Thanks for your help Nidhi Lakshmi.

    Radheshyam Sahu
    Radheshyam Sahu Shopkeeper
  • I had an empty commercial plot on which my son wanted to construct a shop and start his business. I contacted Nidhi Lakshmi team. They visited us, understood the business plan and checked the business feasibility. They took the practical approach and trusted us. We haven’t let them down and have been paying regular EMIs.

    Samay Singh
    Samay Singh Business Man
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